Sambucus informational
Chaparral Plants Tapestry
Wild California
Fire Recovery Sketch
Fungi of California
Poppies and White Sage
Sacred Datura
Chaparral Characteristics
Wildflower Boquet
Toyon Informational
Lupine Heaven
Wind Driven Fire
CNPS Bouquet
New Growth
For a Good Time
Woolsey Fire
Encelia at Dusk
Cool California
Malosma laurina Dream
Malibu Creek Wildfire Recovery
Checkerbloom Dance
Marah macrocarpus Repeat
Flowers of California
Defend and Protect
Leaves of California
Lilium humbodtii
Laurel Sumac, Midcentury Vase & Rug
Clarkia Unguiculata and Snakes
Plants of Santa Monica Mountains //
Monkey Flower Dream
Manzanita and Mug
With Love from California
Stinging Lupine
Detail with Lilium humboldtii
Night Flower
Flowers of Santa Monica Mountains
Flora and Fauna of California
Encelia californica
Pseudognaphalium californicum Dream
Salvia apiana Dream

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Flowers of California

ink on paper with digital coloring, 8 x 10 inches